Friday, July 22, 2011

30-Minute Garden Box DIY

So lately i've decided to build a garden box now that my tomato plant has finally started to bloom little green tomatoes, lol.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos on just how to go about building it, there are several out there.  I thought I would just share with you guys what I used to build mine.  Note this is a 2-person project but if you are alone you can still build it yourself it just may take a little while longer.

I went to Lowe's for my supplies:

2 2x8x8 Top Choice KD Dougl boards (cut in half to equal 4) Cost: $11.70
1 roll of Organic Landscape Fabric (you can use any weed control fabric) Cost $ 9.97
4 Angle Z-Max ML24z brackets (optional) Cost $7.64
8 Timber Tite 1/4 x4 Cost $5.52

Additional Materials needed:
1/4 Drill bit
Tack Nails

Have your helper hold the boards in place while you pre-drill your holes for the screws (this makes it easier for the screws to go through).  Repeat this step all the way around until you have a square.  Once your done with all your screws, measure your landscape fabric across the square & use the tack nails to hold it in place using your hammer.

And your all done!!

You can use the brackets to reenforce your corners together on the inside, you can also paint your box any color you choose for added uniqueness.

The hole project took about 30 minutes & costed a total of $34.86 (not including tax), if you choose not to use the brackets it will be a lot less.  Have fun & build as many as you like!!

Happy Gardening!