Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Love or not to Love?

Why is it that in every relationship the beginning is always great.  No matter what the person tells you or you tell them, things always come to a cross-road.  You may have tons in common but there is always some underlining thing that just irks the hell out of you about them.  Whether it's the way the talk, laugh, snore, chew loudly, text, Skype, Tweet or be on Facebook all the damn time, it's always something.

It's either suffer thru the annoying things because of the good times that you guys have or call it quits & be single, alone & miserable.  So I ask, "To Love or Not to Love?"  Can being with another person truly make you happy? or is it just a myth?  I for 1 believe that it's all a big myth, a fairy tale with no happy endings for real people.

I believe that people that are in a relationship & always seem to be happy are liars!! No relationship is perfect or without problems.  I'm the eldest of 8 children, 6 brothers & 1 sister 4 of which are married 2 are on their 2nd marriage; I used to dream of getting married, whenever I would begin a new relationship I would fantasize about how things would be if we were married, but not anymore.  I've faced reality & learned that marriage just isn't in the cards for me, neither are relationships for that matter.  No matter how much I think i'm doing the right thing, i'm always doing the wrong thing, so why keep subjecting myself to more heartache & pain, why not just settle on a life of being single & alone?

You can never make someone else happy no matter how much you try or pray that you can if they're not happy with themselves.  A person that is always angry will stay that way no matter what you say or do, so why keep trying?

Saturday, January 23, 2010



Pt. 2

Shanice and Trey had developed a plan, he would drop her off about 2 blocks from the bank and she would walk and they would meet in the same place when she was done, but he was to drive around and not sit still.  She would be in and out in about 5 minutes, every time the teller would ask how she wanted the bills, and she always said that it didn’t matter cause she was just gonna pay bills anyway and they bought it.  She was surprised on how easy it was, she kind of got a high off of doing it.  Shanice had cashed all 20 checks in about 2 hours, they called Blackey and he was impressed, he told them to come back and get some more checks.  While on the way back from the the last bank, Courtney called Shanice and told her that she had been arrested, Shanice was nervous, she called Blackey and told him what happened and he told her that if she didn’t want to cash anymore today that would be fine, just come on back to the house.  They had to wait for Courtney to get to the police station to go and bail her out.  She was charged with Uttering & Publishing and her bond was $500.  Blackey gave Shanice the money to bail her out and told her to just lay low and if she didn’t snitch he would take care of everything. 
Courtney knew the game and was down, the cops kept asking her where she got the checks from and she told them that some guy walked up to her at the corner liquor store and asked her if she wanted to make some quick cash and she said yes, she has a handicap son at home and she needed the extra cash.  The cops bought her story hook line and sinker; they released her and gave her a court date.  While Courtney was waiting for her court date Blackey felt like Detroit was getting too hot, every week somebody was getting busted for a check scam so he decided to take his crew on the road, he asked Shanice to go with him but she said that she couldn’t because she was getting her micros re-done and she couldn’t leave her children alone.  He told her to find a baby sitter for them and ask her hairdresser to come along with them he would take care of everything and that she didn’t have to cash any checks that she would be going as his woman.  Of course she said yes, he told her to be ready in ½ hour, he would be there to pick her up, also not to pack too much because he was taking her shopping.  That was music to her ears, she called Courtney and told her and asked her if she would watch the kids for a few days that Blackey would pay her; she said sure. 
They went to Minnesota, Blackey had a cousin that lived there so she hooked them up with all the businesses and bank info they needed.  They went to Office Max and stocked up on check paper and ink.  It took them 12 hours to drive there, but they were driving in two Cadillac Escalades, Blackey, Shanice KeKe (her step sister) and one of Blackeys boys named Marcus was in one and Trey, Casey and 2 of thier girls was in the other one.  They were having a ball racing each other on the highway and keeping track of the state troopers.   Once they got into the city, they stopped at the liquor store and got a 5th of Remy VSOP, Hennessy, and Grey Goose, they also stopped at Pizza Hut and got a couple of pizzas and some coke.  When they got to the hotel, they rented three double bed suites; Trey, Casey and they girls was in one, KeKe and Marcus was in another and Blackey and Shanice shared the last one, he told her that if she did not want to sleep with him she could have her own bed.    They stayed up late that night just drinking, smoking and having fun.
 The next day while he sent everyone out to cash the checks, KeKe finished Shanice’s hair and Blackey went out, he told her that he had a surprise for her later.  He was gone for about 5 hours, but KeKe was able to finish her hair and they were sitting around talking and having drinks.  Blackey called up to the room and told Shanice to shower and don’t put anything on except her Victoria Secret Vanilla and a towel he would be there in 15 minutes to pick her up and something for her to wear, she trusted his taste because he knew what she liked and what looked good on her.  Before she could ask any questions he hung up.  She did as she was told, she was very excited and curious to know what was up.  When she came out of the shower the room was empty and there was two dozens of white & red calla lilies and a big white box with a big red bow sitting on the bed.  Excited, she ran to the box and tore it open; there was a badass GIGI Hunter floor length, very low back white knitted dress with a pair of silver heels with crystals in the heel.  Her mouth dropped because he spent about $1500 on the dress alone.  She pinned her braids up and had two hanging down in the front and the back and grabbed one of the red lilies, broke the stem and put it in her hair.  While she got dressed, she noticed a small black box sitting on the nightstand; she opened it and tears fell from her eyes.  There was a beautiful diamond choker at least 5 carats, a 3 carat tennis bracelet and a single line of 2 carat diamond earrings in the box, that had to set him back a good $10,000 to $15,000.  She put the diamonds on and put on her MAC lip glass, she didn’t wear nor needed any make-up she was a natural beauty.  Something she inherited from her grandmother.