Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have You Ever Dreamed?

Have You Ever Dreamed?
A Novel
byLisa Marie
I want to try something new, i've been working on this story off & on for almost 5yrs now. I've had great reviews from co-workers & friends, now I would love to have some outside opinions on whether I should continue or give up. I hope that you enjoy it, I am still learning.

Chapter 1:
The First Meeting

Have you ever dreamed? Of having it all, living life in the fast lane, being able to go to the mall and buy whatever your heart desired without paying attention to the price tag, buying something new every day because you never wanted to be seen in the same thing twice? Or, because you just didn’t feel like doing laundry that day? Well in the summer of 2001 Shanice did just that. The year started off bad for her, she just got fired from her job at the bank where she worked as a loan processor, the man she loved for 5 ½ years decided that he no longer loved her and cheated on her. He would wait until she was asleep and take her car to go see another woman. And to top all that off she was being evicted from her home because she did an interview on the news about a fire that happened in her building, if it had not been for the woman whose apartment was on fire running and banging on everyone’s door, a lot of people would be dead right now, including her and her daughters. The owners did not have any smoke detectors or fire extinguishers in the building. She needed money in a bad way; she had three children she had to take care of and a car note with insurance to pay.

Shanice was 5’2”, 115 lbs. And had smooth milk chocolate skin, hazel eyes and dimples, she kept her hair in micros with a couple of blond streaks in it. Shanice knew that there was only one person she could turn to, her cousin Courtney. Courtney was the only person she knew with connections to some fast money without resorting to prostitution and she knew that Courtney would not let anyone take advantage of her or hurt her. Courtney was the type of woman every man wanted; she was 5’ 0”, 98 lbs. high yellow with green/grey eyes and long red hair and freckles. Courtney had the perfect solution to Shanice’s little problem, a guy named Blackey.

Blackey was known as one of Detroit’s most notorious drug dealers and had a real nasty reputation with the ladies, but also very much wanted by all the ladies. He was 6’1, smooth dark chocolate skin and had a body cut like LL Cool J’s and he always kept a baldhead. He had a smile just like Tyrese, the kind that would make any woman be ready to drop her panties in a heartbeat. The FBI wanted Blackey in Mississippi for murder and in Chicago on felony drug charges. He drove a cocaine white 2002 Cadillac Seville with chrome Datons, TV’s and a badass sound system. Damn his black ass looked good driving in that car and he knew it that’s why he kept it clean. He always wore white and I do mean white, no matter how hot it was he was still clean. Everywhere he went the females were always trying to holler cause they knew he had bank. One day while Shanice was just hanging out over Courtney’s house, Blackey came over when Shanice first saw him she was like “damn cuz who is that?” “Girl, that ain’t no body but Blackey”, I sure would love to meet his black fine ass. That’s the guy I’ve been telling you about, I will hook y’all up but you watch out for his crazy ass ex-girlfriend Keisha. That bitch is crazy and I don’t want to go to jail for killing that crazy ass bitch cause I can get just a crazy as she is.

When Shanice and Blackey met it was like love at first sight and when they started talking they really just clicked. Shanice asked Blackey if he was still involved with his ex Keisha and of course he said no, he said that she was really starting to get on his nerves, calling all the time and following him around. He said that he told her that if she didn’t stop he was going to pay someone to kick her ass, which seemed to stop her harassing him for the moment anyway. They went out on a couple of dates, everywhere they went women would always stare at him, waitresses would always flirt with him, Shanice would just look at him and smile to herself.

As the weeks turned into months Shanice was getting comfortable with Blackey, he felt the same with her. He had never left things in the hands of anyone before, he was real careful about his money, but for some reason he felt like he could trust her so he gave her a little test. One day Blackey came up with the idea to make and cash counterfeit payroll checks. He asked Shanice and Courtney if they wanted to be down, and of course after they heard all the details they were all in. He got his brother Trey to make the checks on his laptop, and his cousin Casey to find more people willing to cash them, Casey & Trey would drive them around to cash the checks. They felt that they had came up with the perfect lick. Trey would look through the phone book and find different companies and use different banks in the city (he had a different girl he was fucking at every bank in the city, so they would give him the routing numbers for the banks) then he would make the checks out for anywhere between $350.49 to $849.37, he made them really look legit so at first glance you could not tell the were fake. They would print about 10-20 checks per person Trey and Casey would drive them around to the different branches cashing the checks. They would try to hit at least 10 branches a day. The girl would get $150 for cashing the checks, Trey and Casey would get $50 for diving them around and the rest would go to Blackey. Blackey sent Shanice and Courtney out on a Friday afternoon with 20 checks a piece, but they did not travel together, Shanice rode with Trey and Courtney rode with Casey.

TO BE CONTINUED.............