Thursday, October 13, 2016

Warm tones

Warm tones

Friday, July 22, 2011

30-Minute Garden Box DIY

So lately i've decided to build a garden box now that my tomato plant has finally started to bloom little green tomatoes, lol.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos on just how to go about building it, there are several out there.  I thought I would just share with you guys what I used to build mine.  Note this is a 2-person project but if you are alone you can still build it yourself it just may take a little while longer.

I went to Lowe's for my supplies:

2 2x8x8 Top Choice KD Dougl boards (cut in half to equal 4) Cost: $11.70
1 roll of Organic Landscape Fabric (you can use any weed control fabric) Cost $ 9.97
4 Angle Z-Max ML24z brackets (optional) Cost $7.64
8 Timber Tite 1/4 x4 Cost $5.52

Additional Materials needed:
1/4 Drill bit
Tack Nails

Have your helper hold the boards in place while you pre-drill your holes for the screws (this makes it easier for the screws to go through).  Repeat this step all the way around until you have a square.  Once your done with all your screws, measure your landscape fabric across the square & use the tack nails to hold it in place using your hammer.

And your all done!!

You can use the brackets to reenforce your corners together on the inside, you can also paint your box any color you choose for added uniqueness.

The hole project took about 30 minutes & costed a total of $34.86 (not including tax), if you choose not to use the brackets it will be a lot less.  Have fun & build as many as you like!!

Happy Gardening!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time for Action!!

I know that there are lots of people that feel the way I do in regards to "debt"  Are you tired of all the harassing phone calls from both live & automated systems?  Calling all times of the day & night? Wether the debt is a valid one or not doesn't seem to matter to these companies that have bought your information from another company.  8 out of 10 of the so called debts that these people are harassing you to pay back isn't even a valid debt.

Most people are unaware that there is a statue of limitations on debts! Yes you read it correctly, each state has different guidelines in regards to debts.  I would suggest that you visit your local library & look them up.  Most laws are so old that both creditors, collection agencies, consumers & some judges don't even know they exist.    There are also guidelines that collection agencies must abide by, you can view them here:  I often check this site to stay up to date on the laws.  You can also file complaints against companies that break these guidelines.

A word of advise, when a collector calls you, you have the right to request that they no longer call your home & to contact you via mail only! Let them know that you are recording the phone call.  NEVER volunteer your personal information, I've noticed that most of these companies have searched the internet & bought your information.  The most the have is your name, address & phone number.  It's also up to the collection agency to prove that the debt IS YOURS, not the other way around.  It is a wise thing to keep track of all the phone calls, times & letters that you receive from collection agencies.

A lot of them will continuously sell your so-called debt to various companies and they all will report negatively on your credit reports & you've never heard of them before.  Even if you've filed bankruptcy & the debt has been discharged, the original company will sell that information to another collection agency, they change the account numbers & adjust the balance to make it reflect a new account when in actuality it's the same debt.

Well I'm beyond sick of being a victim to collection agencies, I'm tired of avoiding answering my phone because of an automated debt collector or a rude cold-hearted judgmental person on the other end of the phone demanding payments for debts that I do not owe!

I was watching School House Rock a couple of weeks ago, the one about "Bill"  I used to love that show as a kid, that saturday morning cartoon was just the fuel that I needed to spark a change in the laws that govern debts & debt collectors.  We shouldn't live in fear of them, they are only robbing us.

Please stay posted to my blog for more information on my petition that I will be building to do just that as well as the drafting of the Bill that I plan to propose to Congress.  If you have any input please feel free to share, all contributors are welcome.

Thank you

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Love or not to Love?

Why is it that in every relationship the beginning is always great.  No matter what the person tells you or you tell them, things always come to a cross-road.  You may have tons in common but there is always some underlining thing that just irks the hell out of you about them.  Whether it's the way the talk, laugh, snore, chew loudly, text, Skype, Tweet or be on Facebook all the damn time, it's always something.

It's either suffer thru the annoying things because of the good times that you guys have or call it quits & be single, alone & miserable.  So I ask, "To Love or Not to Love?"  Can being with another person truly make you happy? or is it just a myth?  I for 1 believe that it's all a big myth, a fairy tale with no happy endings for real people.

I believe that people that are in a relationship & always seem to be happy are liars!! No relationship is perfect or without problems.  I'm the eldest of 8 children, 6 brothers & 1 sister 4 of which are married 2 are on their 2nd marriage; I used to dream of getting married, whenever I would begin a new relationship I would fantasize about how things would be if we were married, but not anymore.  I've faced reality & learned that marriage just isn't in the cards for me, neither are relationships for that matter.  No matter how much I think i'm doing the right thing, i'm always doing the wrong thing, so why keep subjecting myself to more heartache & pain, why not just settle on a life of being single & alone?

You can never make someone else happy no matter how much you try or pray that you can if they're not happy with themselves.  A person that is always angry will stay that way no matter what you say or do, so why keep trying?

Saturday, January 23, 2010